Website Services

We Do Websites. WordPress LogoThat small sentence covers a list of website services which we offer from our office in Glasgow. Below is a list of services and the technologies we use to deliver Websites for our clients. First of all though we discuss the client’s business and make sure we are the right company to get the job done. Recently we have become the company of choice when a Website project goes awry and a new steady project managed approach is needed. Once you have achieved a good degree of competence in Dreamweaver, WordPress or your internet tool of choice there is still plenty of work to be done to make a project successful. Our approach to this is nothing magical and often comes down to something as simple a shared check-list. But along with a bit of experience and hard work this is what gets the job done.
Website design: As well as the in-house team we have a number of experienced web and print designers who we are happy and confident to team up with. We look at the websites of a client’s competition, local and worldwide and get a feel for the job before any ideas are put forward for approval.

Website Building: Once the design is approved there is the business of getting all the media gathered, the copy written and of course the technology working. This is really what we do for a living and we consider ourselves safe hands for your project.

WordPress: We do a lot of WordPress. As well as building more than 50% of our sites in WordPress we are part of the WPScotland community and have been proud to contribute by sponsoring events, speaking at local WordUps getting our hand’s dirty on the WPScotland sites and of course taking a full part in the social events.

Joomla: We offer some Joomla support and will outsource complex work to our trusted partners. In fact Joomla is where we started but WordPress has largely taken over.

XPages: This is an IBM web technology based around Lotus Notes and Domino. We have a lot of Domino experience, qualifications and contacts.

Dreamweaver: This is the daddy of all web development tools and we use it here on the beefed up MAC Mini. Windows PCs and Ubunutu workstations are also used with other dev tools.

HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, Javascript. These are parts of any Web Development toolkit and we can use them to write from scratch or debug problem websites.

E-Commerce: Using WooCommerce, WP-Ecommerce, Virtuemart and Shopify we build and maintain e-commerce websites for our clients.

SEO & Google Analytics, From first discussions to our final final Website delivery check-list,  Search Engine Optimisation and the tools used to measure performance are an industry constant.

Moodle This is an online learning management system used by Universities and commercial training companies.