New Web Design Office in Shawlands Glasgow

Here we go – Jim and Martyn outside the office in Shawlands Glasgow. With about 3 weeks to go before we really launch the web design brand “” there is plenty still to do.
Jim and Martyn outside the new Shawlands office

First blog for the new office in Shawlands Glasgow for Steady Internet. Lots to do yet, getting quotes for the outside signage, fixing up the IT infrastructure and security. I spent a long time as an IT and project manager but I still have to give myself a kick to get all the best stuff done for my own wee company.

I really like the design work Andy has done for the front window:

Steady Internet Window Graphic with large QR code

I like the big QR code and the plan is to do a weekly update on the URL behind it with our latest work.

Enough of this Glasgow local stuff because it is Sunday afternoon and I have real work to do now and an early start tomorrow with a client Skype(maybe FaceTime if I put a camera on the Mac) meeting to Australia.