Get Found Online

lots of Google logos

There are a few terms for the Google stuff, including Search Engine optimisation(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) but we are going to call it “Get Found”. There is a lot of old snake oil sold in the name of this as well. Sooner or later every website design and development company has to decide where it stands. At SteadyInternet we decided to get the books and read all we could on the subject. In July 2012 Jim Convey gave a presentation at WordCamp UK ( the big WordPress developer event) on SEO for novices with the challenge report back in 2013 with some hard figures on what was achieved.

Let’s cut to the chase and we can have a look at the detail in a minute.

Get Found Rule #1

Create Good Content!

Well what did you expect? First and foremost you have to write draw or sing something that people want to read, see or listen to. After that it is all about helping Google & Bing & Yahoo put your content in the right part of the “index”.

There is the dark art of creating links but if you want to earn money or get your blog read then work on content ant let the Internet itself build your links. Of course doing a bit of keyword analysis and building a reputation can help, Social Media will help some get found but it is not a magic bullet.