Internet Tools

This is a big old list, web technologies and the range of internet tools just keeps expanding. We have made choices and have specialised, based on the most popular and effective tools we can find both commercial and Open Source. Another important part of our approach though, is to positively seek out and work with other people in the web development industry. This means if we can’t do it we will know someone who can. We believe that the market is big and varied and as long as we have best practice security procedures in place there is little need to be defensive with competition.

WordPress: WordPress is the worlds most popular web development platform and SteadyInternet are proud to be part of the WPScotland Community. More here..

HTML: HTML is the common language of the internet. It is the basic internet tool and we have done our time on this one. If you are new to this we recommended you start with HTML Dog and W3 Schools.

CSS: There was time when a web page had the design and the content all mixed in together. In practice this is a disaster when you have to make even a small change never mind a full re-branding. The answer is CSS and we are big fans.

JavaScript: This is the programming which happens in the browser itself. It can be quick and fun but if you are doing anything secure it has it needs backup.

PHP: This is a server based programming language, and the backbone of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Security is a big advantage with PHP – what goes on the server stays on the server.

MySQL: MySQL is the big Open Source database system and core to WordPress. SteadyInternet have experience in a large number or RDBMS but MySQL is winning on the web front.

Gravity Forms: Most practical web sites need a form or two. There are lots of internet tools, techniques and products out there to get the job done. Gravity Forms is a commercial solution which we have found to work well with WordPress and hold it’s own when asked to deal with complexities such as Chinese translation.

WPML: WPML is the commercial software which helps manage multilingual WordPress Sites. There are a few Open Source alternatives but this has proved very useful to us.

Genesis: By StudioPress, this is a high quality commercial design framework and helps us make our websites look good in the best possible timeframe. One of our favorite internet tools or frameworks.

Yoast SEO:  This is a brilliant aid to Search Engine Optimization and is used every day.

Artisteer: Now Artisteer is not popular with everyone. It is one of those internet tools which lets beginners bring their ideas to life very quickly with little prior knowledge. This can of course lead to some less than brilliant websites so it has its detractors. We like it because it is a first class WYSIWYG prototyping tool and it stays in the toolkit whatever the haters say.

Joomla: We don’t just use one Content Management System and Joomla is a CMS like WordPress. It is a little more complex to use(oh the menus!) but a very good tool. Our first websites were in Joomla.

VMWare: VMWare allows you to build and snapshot virtual servers. If you are working in windows and want to swap out to a reliable LAMP server then I highly recommend you give this a go.

Ubuntu: Ubuntu is the flavour of Linux that we are familiar with. Free, stable and offers Long Term Service(LTR) releases. Brilliant.