Get Found Online

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There are a few terms for the Google stuff, including Search Engine optimisation(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) but we are going to call it “Get Found”. There is a lot of old snake oil sold in the name of this as well. Sooner or later every website design and development company has to decide where it stands. At SteadyInternet we decided to get the books and read all we could on the subject. In July 2012 Jim Convey gave a presentation at WordCamp UK ( the big WordPress developer event) on SEO for novices with the challenge report back in 2013 with some hard figures on what was achieved.

Let’s cut to the chase and we can have a look at the detail in a minute.

Get Found Rule #1

Create Good Content!

Well what did you expect? First and foremost you have to write draw or sing something that people want to read, see or listen to. After that it is all about helping Google & Bing & Yahoo put your content in the right part of the “index”.

There is the dark art of creating links but if you want to earn money or get your blog read then work on content ant let the Internet itself build your links. Of course doing a bit of keyword analysis and building a reputation can help, Social Media will help some get found but it is not a magic bullet.

UK WordPress

WordPress Logo is part of the UK WordPress community, concentrating on developing websites using WordPress and the technologies around it including, StudioPress, Gravity Forms, WPML,  CSS, PHP and mySQL .

Is it popular?WordPress Logo

To quote Wikipedia: “WordPress is currently the most popular content management system(CMS) in use on the Internet. WordPress is used by over 16.7% of Alexa Internet‘s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites.”

Notable WordPress Users include Sony, ebay, UPS, CNN, Mashable, Reuters and The New York Times. In other words it’s big, really really big.

Edit your own site – Content Management Systems(CMS)

One of the big advantages of using WordPress and other CMS systems is the ability to create and edit your web pages in a very strait forward way. This makes it cheaper to maintain and keep fresh.


Originally WordPress was a blogging platform and it still continues very successfully today including the blog posts on this site and Loulabelle Recommends. If you are a complete beginner to blogs then we recommend you take a look at If you want to blog from your own site then give us a call.


If you have a problem you are often not alone. WordPress Plugins are website solutions developed and published to help you complete common tasks. These have become so popular now that they cover a vast range of useful functions. They are not all created equal but a bit of experience can quickly help sort the wheat from the chaff. Often free the range is daunting: Clubs, Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Backup, Security, SEO, all sorts.

UK WordPress Events big and small

Steady Internet’s new office in Shawlands will officially open 25 September 2012 by hosting the Glasgow WPScotland event. This was partly an accident of timing but does show SteadyInternet’s commitment to the UK WordPress community and Glasgow in particular. We even plan to buy the drinks. WordCamp UK is the annual national WordPress UK event and in 2012in Edinburgh¬† Jim Convey gave the presentation on WordPress SEO Novice to Practitioner.