dog walking Glasgow on the Southside

Dog Friendly Glasgow Update

We had a bit of an Google search problem with the site name. It was really dominated by .com and variants. The decision was made to change the domain name. To Dog Friendly Glasgow instead.


This weeks launch is a nice open spaced website based(that’s a child theme to you) on WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. The people running the site are nice folk who who take care of pets. Dog walking is the main emphasis of the the first site and there is a sibling site for cat sitting. Maybe at first I was sceptical that this was a good business idea but as is often the caseĀ  I was proved wrong by the power of arithmetic and someone who knows there own gig. So if you need your dog looked after overnight or walked or fed during the day then give a minute of your time. If it’s cats the is where you should be headed. This time it’s local to Glasgow.